lethal.landing – the only community landing page you will ever need! Server stats? Team list? FAQ? Custom pages? Animated background? Seasonal effects? Tell no more!

You can also see a demo here: https://lethal.network or here: https://rustworks.org

Required feature not built in? No problem, lethal.landing can easily extended by plugins which add new features to it for example: AO: Social Connect which lets your users link their social media accounts! You can also write your own, read the docs here https://lldocs.lethal.network!

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lethal.landing – the only community landing page you will ever need!

It comes with a clean UI for all the settings which means no complicated config files,

Features include:

  • custom links & pages
  • contact via discord form
  • appearance settings

Optional Index page modules:

  • live server stats via BattleMetrics or direct query
  • team online/offline status
  • faq
  • community guidelines
  • feature section

lethal.landing is easily extendable by plugins, a guide can be found in the docs!

Want to users to be able to link their social media? Check out this plugin…


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