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PteroRUST-WI will reach its end of life september 1st 2023 in favor of V2(visit our Discord for more information). PteroRUST-WI will be available for sale until July 1st 2023 and include a life-time subscription for V2.

If you already purchased this you may want to upgrade/migrate to via


Ptero-RUST Wipe API is a self-hosted web interface to plan and schedule wipes for Facepunchs game RUST. Schedule unlimited wipes for unlimited servers!

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Ptero-RUST WipeInterface is a self-hosted web interface to plan and schedule wipes for Facepunchs RUST, the features below are already included in the current release more is planned. The web interface is not build-in into Pterodactyl panel itself and is made for server administrators/owners rather than for hosts. It is utilizing Pterodactyl Panels client API so you are able to use it with any host that is using Pterodactyl Panel.


  • standalone since its using PterodactyPanels API
  • fully automated wipe schedules
  • one-time wipes and repetitive wipes
  • notifications via discord webhook
  • map previews and filter imports
  • simple installation
  • custom file removal on wipe
  • pre-wipe commands
  • random seeds and seeds from a pre-generated list
  • API to retrieve next wipe date/data and adding seeds to the list**
  • ‘WIPE NOW’ function
  • DOGE mode
  • optional public wipe list
  • multiple users

** possible use cases is setting up a Discord bot to create a vote and adding the seed with the most votes for example



Version 1.3.4
– removed data dump from server controller
! fixed setting seed/size only on FULL and MAP wipes
– improved check on ‘send_when_fully_started’ function for the webhook
! fixed major and minor flaws in the wipe scheduler
+ added ‘skip on forced’ option to repetitive wipes
+ added notice on index if a wipe is being skipped(not in the api yet!)

Version 1.2.3
! fixed ‘Delete .sav files’ not toggling correctly
! fixed seed order not showing correctly in the seed list

Version 1.2.1
! fixed countdown on index when auto wipe is enabled but no wipes set up

Version 1.2.0
+ current interface timezone on index wipe list
+ countdown till next wipe on index wipe list
+ option to make a user owner/root user
+ added `next_epoch` to API nextWipe() requests
+ option to wait for server being started before sending webhook
+ added option to show labeled maps on index in wi settings
+ added custom logo option in wi settings
+ added discord embed color and custom content text
– moved discord server specific settings into a separate modal
+ added possibility to over-write name on the wi
! fixed removing trailing slash on panel base url setting
– changed some button colors to look more uniform
+ added current date/time as default value for new one-time wipes
– removed doge from index as for non-authorized users
– minor ui changes like icons on buttons and such
! fixed index wipe countdown because Apple is accept international standards *facepalm*

Version 1.1.3
! fixed issue where on repetitive wipes time is checked against H:i:s instead of H:i

Version 1.1.2
! fixed minor issue where you can’t select MAP/FULL on the manual wipe popup

Version 1.1.1
! bi-weekly wipes have a major flaw where it’s not checked if the date is in the future.
+ added wipe type to getNextWipe API endpoint
+ added time until wipe in seconds and human readable string to the getNextWipe API endpoint
– changed step size on seed size slider to 50 instead of 250

Version 1.0.3
+ added ‘next_type’ return variable on ‘getNextWipe’ API endpoint

Version 1.0.2
! fixed getNextSeed function as it was using an obsolete model method


Read the docs here…

1 review for Ptero-RUST WI – EoL -> Read Description

  1. Tyler Griskus (verified owner)

    Very simple and easy way to wipe all of your servers on a schedule with your own time and map or have the map being random seed every wipe. Fixes happen frequently to give the best user experience.

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